Jersey Girl Librarian

Hi, My name is Sherry, I am a Librarian working in Charlotte North Carolina. I have recently moved to the Charlotte area from New Jersey. As my blog title shows I am a Jersey Girl at heart and wherever I go, so goes my Jersey pride.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


One of my coworkers just shared this with me. I don't use a Mac but I thought this was ingenious so I thought I would share the Mac-O-Lantern.


Friday, October 27, 2006

MacGyver skillz

I just performed a MacGyver feat of skill in the computer lab and all I got was a " it worked fine last week." Some Witch got her disk stuck in our " crappy machine" and I managed to retrieve it with a paperclip, scissor and fingernail (still attached). When I told her she couldn't use the disk any more because of the cracked case and mangled metal slide. All she could do was give me the carolina evil eye (my opinion only, please don't write me, defending this place) and say, "it worked fine last week, it must be your crappy machines that broke it" and stormed off, shoving the disk back in her jam-packed backback without the benefit of any protection for the disk. Yeah, our crappy machines did all the damage, not the way she treated the disk.

Would a simple thanks or sorry have hurt this woman?

great finds!

I just found two great things on the Internet. One is a blog called Dumb Little Man. Which I originally thought described my husband to a T, but that is a whole other story that I won't get into here. Actually, they are the exact opposite of my husband, according to their blog "15 to 20 times per week we provide tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane. The simple goal is to make the average person's life a little easier through smart thinking, smart use of technology, or a combination of both." I learned how to crochet with my left over grocery bags, what the little windows button on my keyboard is for and how to find information on a new neighborhood such as; average commute time, average household income, political affiliations, etc.

Pretty cool finds on this dreary Friday.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

mistakes that turn out good.

I did a really stupid thing, but I look good. Sometimes when I am depressed or sad I go shopping. I have always done this and it always worked in the past but it backfired now. So anyway I go shopping and buy clothes that are to expensive or I don't need (usually both). and I usually don't try them on, just take them home let them sit for a few weeks and then return them when my sanity returns. Well last month I went shopping and bought 5 or 6 (one was a sweater set) pieces of clothing for slightly over $250. Let them sit waiting for my sanity to return, which evidently it didn't. Well when I finally got around to uncovering the bag and returning them, I had missed the thirty day return policy by a week. SO now, I am the proud owner of two new outfits. The really lucky part of this whole fiasco is that the clothes actually fit and I look good in them.

Monday, October 16, 2006

yahoo and blogger don't mix

I recently upgraded my yahoo email account to the "new and improved" beta version. One if its touted features is the ability to track your rss feeds similar to bloglines. I was very excited about this feature because that would mean that I didn't have to log into yahoo and then bloglines to check both email and rss feeds, I could do everything from one log in. Well it works great with everything but blogger accounts. I am assuming because blogger is linked with google that Yahoo won't accept the feeds. Because every time I try to link a blogger blog to the account I get various messages basically saying can't link to that site. But everything else works fine. Seems a little coincidental that everything else works but the blogger blogs. I hope this is "fixed" soon because as we all know the customer is always right and should always be happy.

I wish everyone would just play nice!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Okay, So I am posting again. My previous post was saved as a draft for several days as I contemplated continuing or not. Well this morning a coworker asked me if I was going to continue to blog because, I guess she likes to read my posts. So I explained my thoughts and she suggested I write about something generic like chocolate. So I am taking her advice and seeing if this will get me out of my slump.

Thoughts on chocolate.

I just had some chocolate for some inspiration. Acutally I had a Kit Kat and an Almond Joy and a swig of some hot Coke that I found in my bag. Mind you it is only 10:54 in the morning as I write this. Coke reminds me of this article that I read in the Charlotte Observer yesterday morning about Fried Coke. Apparently some genius has figured out how to fry Coke and will be serving it up to unsuspecting people at the North Carolina State Fair. Now I have heard of everything. What will these people think of next? Fried saltines?
Okay back to Chocolate. I just want to let y'all know that I didn't eat an entire Kit Kat and Almond Joy. They were the little snack size bars. That is what I love about halloween. You can pretend to buy all this chocolate in little sizes to hand out to kids but in reality most people just eat it themselves. I went to the store yesterday to buy a piece of chocolate and some soda so I could get excited about a computer class that I was supposed to teach last night. (That is a whole other story for another post.) Anyway I was at the store and couldn't decide what chocolate I wanted so I turned the corner to see if there was anything interesting on the other aisle and I hit nirvana. The halloween aisle for all those people that can't make up their minds they have provided the "Snack Bag" which has a little bit of everything for every mood that you are in. Feeling nutty have a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup, feeling tropical have an Almond Joy, feeling plain, have a plain Hershey Bar, feeling like a Kat, have a Kit Kat. Okay that last one didn't make much sense but I couldn't think of anything.
I think that is enough of a rant for today.
So remember:
1. Try the fried coke if you go to the fair and let me know what you think. I am curious to know how they crafted such a fine culinary masterpiece.
2. Halloween, it's not just for kids.
3. Snack packs great for people who are indecisive. Just don't eat the whole bag in one sitting.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Should I continue?

Well I haven't posted in a week. I thought I wouldn't miss it but I actually do miss putting some of my thoughts down on "paper" so to speak. My project at work is done so I don't need to post anymore but I enjoyed it. But as I sit here struggling with what to write I wonder if I should continue to post. What will I say? How will I keep my real thoughts about NC and my job, my entire life for that matter, from leaking though on this forum so easily read by others? What a dilemma for me. Do I honestly write what I am feeling and thinking or do I keep it light and happy for those people who don't need or want to know the truth. If I am miserable at work or at home do I want to hurt the feelings of the "innocent" or self centered in my life? But then what will it matter, who will read my drivel, who cares about my life my, needs. NO one that's who. But why this need to write? Maybe I should start a diary and not a blog. Maybe I should keep a private diary on my computer for my closest thoughts and write my pretend happy thoughts here so that I will still have an outlet for the two sides of me.

No, I am not a split personality, just a stupid girl trying to make the most of her screwed up life by pretending happiness while pretty miserable inside. Isn't that all of us though?
Okay enough about me, what about you. Should I continue or let the blog die a natural death?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, I have to admit that when I first started this whole thing I didn't think I would have a lot to say, but it turns out that I did have a lot to say and I learned a lot also. Some of it was frustrating and some of it was fun. But most of all this program helped me conquer some doubts about my ability to create and explore on the Internet.

When we first started this journey together we learned the 7 1/2 habits of highly successful lifelong learners and I tried to keep those principles in mind as I continued along the path to thing 23. Here is a little insight into what I learned and took away from this program.

HABIT 1: Begin with the end in mind: I have to admit that in the beginning an MP3 player was the end in my mind. But along the way I learned that that was not all I was going to achieve when I finished this program. I learned about myself and what I can accomplish and I learned about my coworkers and what interests them in and outside of work. I also got to meet some people at other branches, through their blogs, that I might not have met otherwise. I learned that you can start out on one path expecting one thing and meander along to find the end is not what you expected, but that it is still okay. That to me is a great ending.

HABIT 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning: I knew that to be successful in this project that I had to rely on myself to learn the "things". Because this was voluntary there was no one standing over my head forcing me to do the steps so I had to rearrange my schedule and make the time to learn for myself.

HABIT 3: View problems as challenges: I think if you view problems as a challenge rather than just a problem, it becomes more important for the person to complete the task. Wording is everything in this Habit. I viewed each of the "Things" as challenges and some of my coworkers viewed them as problems. Who finished? The ones that was challenged accomplished the goal, not the ones that were overcoming problems that's who.

HABIT 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner: I thought this was going to be a hard one to accomplish, but once I got started my confidence as an effective learner of technology grew by leaps and bounds. I think I noticed a change in my confidence level when people started to come to me to ask about this stuff. I thought wow, these people think I actually know what I am doing. That was impressive to me.

HABIT 5: Create your own learning toolbox: My toolbox is full of useful knowledge that I can use to share with other people or can pull out to learn something new. What a great Habit to get into.

HABIT 6: Use technology to your advantage: It is obvious that I used technology to my advantage. I even added things to my blog that weren't "Things" because I started to wonder how to do stuff so researched them and added them to my toolbox.

HABIT 7: Teach/mentor others: I tried to do this habit throughout the program by helping others from my branch. I let people know that I was available to help them when I could. I would check up on those that were not as confident in their abilities, asking them how they were coming along, did they need help, etc. But I also knew/learned when to stop asking/encouraging those that were just not into it. Because that was okay too.

HABIT 7 1/2: Play: This habit is evident in all my videos, pictures and image generators. I had a great time bring some of my New Jersey memories to NC.

To answer Helene's questions posed on the learning 2.0 blog

My most favorite discovery was zohowriter. Even though the image generators and pictures and videos were fun. I believe that zohowriter will be the most useful to me in my job and "real" life.

The unexpected outcome for me was simply that it would be so much fun to learn technology. I always learned new techy stuff for work, because I had to. But this program made learning fun, challenging, experimental and because it wasn't required of me it was okay if I didn't finish. But me being competitive I had to finish.

What would you do differently? I would have offered more guidance, such as in-person instruction/training in getting a blog started and registered. For example, I wish my branch would have encouraged and provided one on one training for people who didn't know how to get the whole process started. I had enough background in computers to do this on my own but I believe others would have participated more if they were given the encouragement to do the tasks. Perhaps assign/volunteer one person to be branch "captain" to make sure everyone was getting the help that they needed. Providing people blocks of time away from desks with computers that had all the needed software/hardware to complete the "things" would also be helpful.

If other discovery programs are offered I would definitely participate in them. I love a challenge!

Thanks for creating a great learning experience! I look forward to more