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Hi, My name is Sherry, I am a Librarian working in Charlotte North Carolina. I have recently moved to the Charlotte area from New Jersey. As my blog title shows I am a Jersey Girl at heart and wherever I go, so goes my Jersey pride.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

new years resolution update

Well I have some good news and bad news.

I always like to get the bad news out of the way so I will just get those confessions out of the way first.

You may surmise from my need to be negative (bad news) first that I am still negative. and you would be right. Although when negative thoughts and actions come out of me, I am more aware now of the negativity. And "they" say that being aware of your faults is half the battle. I still have hope that I will change.

I still think about my old home wistfully, but I don't think that I am talking about it as much, so that is an improvement. If you will indulge me for a little bit I will mention that I am going home next weekend and I am so looking forward to the visit. I think alot of it is just getting away from the stress of home and work and not having any responsibilities for 5 days except to have fun and visit.

I am eating less and thinking about what I am eating more. SO that is definitely an improvement! I actually passed up chocolate cake today.

And I have begun to explore the region I now call home. I have been to King's Mountain to learn about the Revolutionary War battle that took place there. I am planning in the next few weeks to go to Kerner's Folly and will eventually go to the Museum of the New South.

So I think I am actually doing pretty well in the resolution department.

How about you?


  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    My more resolutions :)

    I've been here almost 10 years and I still miss home. Have a safe trip.

  • At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Regina said…

    I think if you had more support from your husband to help your adjustment to the move, you would not be so negative or homesick. I give you a lot of credit. Good for you passing on the chocolate cake...I don't think I could have! Sorry about Killer. Can we know his "secret" name now that he is deceased? Your lucky you don't have children...I had to bury all our dead goldfish. Flushing was not allowed. Have a good weekend. Reg


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