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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Web 2.0

Well as you will see by the post before this one I played around with some of the Web 2.0 winners and honorable mentions. While the games were pretty fun I didn't think I should write about them to much because we are supposed to be taking this seriously so I will stick to posting about some of the other sites I visited on my journey this morning.
I am glad to see that 43 things made it on the list of honorable mentions after all it is one of our inspirations. I really need to spend some time and think of 43 things that I want to accomplish in my life. I actually think that it will help me focus more on my career as well as my personal life both of which seems to be in a constant state of chaos since moving to NC earlier this year. So I am personally grateful for this site because I hope it will allow me to focus more on me and my needs instead of others.
Ok, enough of that, lets move on.

I also visited Wayfaring, which I think will give me a great way to create maps for my friends and family when they come visit me. Instead of emailing directions I can just point people to my Wayfaring map and let them figure out how easiest it is to get here. But again I worry about people who I don't want to figure out where I live, coming to visit. I am pretty untrustworthy in general so all of this sharing stuff concerns me and I am very cautious of what I put out on the web.

I know it can all be made private but I know there is some hacker out there trying to figure out how to unprivatize it.

Okay here is another gripe, yahoo! answers, do people really expect to get correct answers from a site like this!!!!?? What are we, as a society, teaching people who think that they can get sound medical advice from some Joe Schmo on the internet? We as librarians are trained not to give medical and legal advice, because we don't have that kind of training, but at least we have some training, you never know who is answering your questions on Yahoo or one of the other feedback sites. I went to a section that was health related because I am interested in that particular subject and one of the first questions I came upon was from someone who CLEARLY should be seeing a doctor for her problem but decided to ask Yahoo users instead? This is exactly why I worry about the future of the Internet.

Ok I am off my soapbox.

And if I had an exciting life and carried a PDA or other mobile device around with me the personal organization sites would be very helpful, no more yellow post-its all over the place, losing their stickiness.

I have already talked about how much I love bloglines which won 3rd place in the blog guides category. Librarything also got an honorary mention in its category as well so congrats goes out to them.


  • At 7:40 AM, Blogger Aura said…

    Hello Jersey girl - I love your blog and I congratulate you for having covered so many details in your posts. I'm not quite done with the 23 things but I will soon. Hope to meet you on Staff Day.


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