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Hi, My name is Sherry, I am a Librarian working in Charlotte North Carolina. I have recently moved to the Charlotte area from New Jersey. As my blog title shows I am a Jersey Girl at heart and wherever I go, so goes my Jersey pride.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, I just downloaded my first book to my home computer and it was quite satisfying and easy as well. I never realized how many different books we own through this service. I found all sorts of useful books that I can pass on to patrons. Especially useful were the language books. We are always getting patrons who want to learn a foreign language and most of the time the books/tapes are checked out. Now I can refer them to netlibrary so they can study the language at their leisure at home. What a great service. Now I know how to promote it.
Thanks, Learning 2.0


  • At 6:59 PM, Anonymous lanajean said…

    Hi Sherry!
    Great blog site and great tip about netlibrary! So far, I've found netlibrary to be really helpful for young adults who desperately need a book for school that is checked out. I never thought about the foreign language-learning seekers! Great tip!!


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